Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Deed by Conservatives for Rural Communities

The Conservative federal government is on the right path with an effort to increase rural sustainability in Saskatchewan. They announced $27.3 million in funding for the Regional Rural Water Supply Systems (RRWS) project. The funding was supplied through the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF). Palliser M.P., Dave Batters, made this statement in a recent news report, “Funding for these regional infrastructure projects proves our Conservative government’s commitment to the sustainability of Canada’s rural communities. We want to ensure a healthy and vibrant rural sector for generations to come.” The article can be seen here.

I would not say this proves their commitment, but it is a good first step. What rural Saskatchewan needs badly is a high speed passenger train system that would link our towns and cities province wide. My home city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan would benefit greatly considering our unemployment rate has gone up by a whole percentage point due to Worldwide Pork Packers and Raider Industries shutting down. Saskatchewan workers would not be the only ones to benefit. Many more post-secondary students would be able to live at home and commute to school. Maybe more of our young people would chose to make Saskatchewan their home. Keeping our youth in the towns and cities they grew up in, instead of handing them to Alberta on a silver platter is important to the rural sector for generations to come.

The Florida Bullet Train Project demonstrates the benefits on their website. High speed trains are not only better for the environment, but they can travel from 200 to 320 kilometres per hour. In a province as geographically spread out as Saskatchewan, this couldn't make more sense. This is a project I would like to see built across all of Canada. Yes, it would be an expensive one, but I stand for maximum wages. And the excess money our wealthy people make (and I mean wealthy which is far worse than rich), would be able to be put directly into projects like this one, benefiting everyone.

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