Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Even for a born optimist, there are admittedly days when it seems tough; when the world seems more like a cruel unfair battle that we may or may not be winning. Spending summer days leading up to my wedding fighting nuclear reactors and a nuclear fuel waste dump from being built in my beautiful home province of Saskatchewan was definitely not fair, and it was not easy either. But still, I had to persist; I'm not willing to give up on what is right even if it means difficult times and personal sacrifices. And then something comes along which makes it all worth it, which reminds me why I'm doing this and why I need to keep going. This is such a gift, and for me, this gift came recently from an independent Saskatchewan newspaper which is only in it's third edition called the Sasquatch The article was written by Shayna Stock, Publisher. Writing is not in Shayna's job description, but she explained to me that she was writing this story for two reasons-- 1) because she still likes to write, and 2) because she felt there were some people in Saskatchewan that people ought to know about-- and I was one of those people. To say the least, I felt incredibly honoured. But the honour I felt when she told me why she was writing the story does not compare to the honour I feel seeing the finished full page profile entitled "Keen Green On the Scene", which can be viewed at the following link:

To Shayna, I say thank-you, and keep up the writing-- you are gifted. To the Sasquatch you are living the words of my mentor, Jello Biafra who says "Become the Media". Jenn Ruddy, Editor of the Sasquatch, is not only amazingly good at what she does, she is also an incredibly gifted professor of political science. It is independent media that will save this society. We can not become informed citizens without access to important information from the media -- the most important agent of political socialization (where we get our information/values about politics from). For every story in mainstream media that only reports the half truth to the advantage of their main advertisers, there are new independent media outlets that are reporting the whole truth if you go looking for them. To subscribe to the print edition of the Sasquatch (which is well worth the $22.50/year) visit

Peace and Solidarity,

Larissa Shasko

Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan

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