Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's time to get things done in Moose Jaw!

Long before the nuclear debate heated up, and long before I was asked by members of the Green Party of Saskatchewan to run for the leadership of the party after Amber Jones stepped down as Leader, I had made the decision to run for Moose Jaw City Council. I moved to Moose Jaw five years ago, and I instantly found "home". I grew up in Regina and the nearby small town of Lumsden, so Moose Jaw is the perfect fit between the beauty of Lumsden and the amenities and buzz of Regina. Moose Jaw is such a great city that my new husband (Ryan Stusek) and I have chosen to stay in Moose Jaw and build our future in the "friendly city". But there is so much to be done to prepare Moose Jaw for the future, and this work is simply not getting done by recent City Councils. It's time for positive change in Moose Jaw, which is exactly why I am running.

I have seen too many idle Councillors who run and get elected to Moose Jaw City Council to get their own motives accomplished instead of working for the people of this city. As a student of Political Science and a dedicated political activist, I have real experience to offer on Council and the necessary tools to get real change accomplished to improve the lives of the people of this city.

I also want to see an end to the lack of democracy we have seen on City Council in recent terms. It will take electing Councillors who are really there to work for the people of Moose Jaw in order for democracy to return to Moose Jaw! Furthermore, electoral reform is needed at all levels, including Moose Jaw civic elections. Did you know that there are no election financing rules for Moose Jaw civic elections? This admittedly puts a university student at an unfair advantage to those who may be at the end of their careers or retired and who have already built their "nest egg". So to that note, donations to the campaign to elect Larissa Shasko are welcome! Please contact me at to volunteer, to make a donation, or to request a sign.

So why is it so important to have green views and a voice of reason elected to Moose Jaw City Council this election? As a citizen of Moose Jaw, I have watched as democracy has taken a back seat in past terms of City Council, and I really recognize the need for good fiscal management. Resources are running out at all levels of government, both monetary and natural resources. The current recession will require innovative thinking based on sustainability in order to find and implement long-term solutions. If the right decisions are not made now, future generations will pay. This is very true of decisions Moose Jaw City Council will be making in the upcoming term. We need a voice of reason on City Council. I have the experience and necessary skills for the position of City Councillor. As a Political Science Major and dedicated political activist, I have the tools and the "know how" to get things done!

I will be a voice on Moose Jaw City Council for urban sustainability (building communities for people instead of cars), safe and local food initiatives, low-income housing, locally owned businesses, and the creation of much needed Green Jobs in Moose Jaw through doing all we can to support and attract the renewable energy sector.

On October 28th, I ask for your support as Councillor for Moose Jaw City Council.

To find out more about me, read this recent profile in the Sasquatch (an independent Saskatchewan newspaper):

Peace and Solidarity,

Larissa Shasko

-- Vote for the change you want to see in the world. --

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