Saturday, October 16, 2010

By-election questions from the Star Phoenix, my replies as submitted

(note which questions are relevant and which seem out of place, and note my effort at creative & meaningful responses anyhow)

Name: Larissa Shasko

Party: Green Party of Saskatchewan

Age: 28

Profession: Political Science Student, U of R

Years in Saskatoon: I am Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan and it is a political convention for the leader of a party to run in a by-election if not yet elected. I have proudly lived in Saskatchewan all of my life.

Past election political positions (if any): Elected as Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan in April 2009 and re-elected in May 2010. Was a Green Party candidate in the 2006 & 2008 Federal Elections & the 2007 Provincial Election. Also received over 2000 votes as a candidate in the 2009 Moose Jaw Civic Election.

Family (Name of spouse, name and ages of children) (Optional): Husband- Ryan

Favourite book: The Decline of Representative Democracy

What do you do to relax (in one or two sentences): I work to find solutions to the environmental crisis so that we all can relax! I am also actively involved with the arts community and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Top three issues (Please condense to three phrases or sentences):
1. Corporatocracy vs. Democracy
2. Improving our overburdened healthcare system by including prevention of illness as part of its mandate
3. A nuclear waste dump is coming to Saskatchewan & we want to introduce legislation to ban the transportation and storage of nuclear waste into our province.

What do you most often hear from constituency residents when going door todoor? (Please keep to two or three sentences.): Voters are unhappy with our democratic deficit and they are worried about the economy and our overburdened healthcare system. They are supportive of the nuclear waste ban legislation I plan to introduce, and they want to see a real plan for renewable energy in Saskatchewan. They do not want foreign ownership of Saskatchewan resources or land.

Why are you the best candidate to represent the people of SaskatoonNorthwest? (Two or three sentences please.)The people of Saskatchewan have already said "no" to a nuclear waste dump in public consultations (2009), but the Premier isn't listening and the Leader of the Opposition is silent on this issue. In a democracy, the people are supposed to be in charge. I will be accountable to the people and bring transparency to this government.

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