Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Party Press Conference to Address Nuclear Crisis in Japan

Press Release from March 16, 2011:

The Green Party of Saskatchewan would like to offer our support for the people of Japan following the events of last week. Larissa Shasko, Leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, will be hosting an urgent press conference in Regina this Friday, March 18, at the Saskatchewan Legislature (Members Dining Room) at 10:00am to address the Wall Government's position that the nuclear crisis in Japan is all the more reason to research and develop nuclear technology in Saskatchewan. The Green Party of Saskatchewan greatly disagrees with this position and the comments made by the Minister responsible for SaskPower, Rob Norris.

Minister Rob Norris is a former Vice-President of the University of Saskatchewan. In response to the nuclear crisis in Japan, Norris has chosen to defend the Government of Saskatchewan’s plan, (or is it the plan of Bruce Power?) to continue tax-payer funding of the industry. On March 3, 2011, the Wall Government announced they are giving $30 million of public money to the University of Saskatchewan with strings attached: the money has to be for the nuclear industry. It is as though there are no lessons to be learned from what is happening in Japan. It is as though the Public Consultations in 2009 never happened. Through the consultation process the citizens of Saskatchewan said “no” to nuclear in this province, yet the Wall Government has forged ahead with plans for the full nuclear industrialization of Saskatchewan. According to Green Party Leader Larissa Shasko, “Premier Wall has chosen to listen to the voices of the nuclear industry and ignore the voices of Citizens.”

Rob Norris said the tax-payers of Saskatchewan have an “ethical obligation” [1] to move forward with the industry. The nuclear events in Japan have triggered well-founded fear right around this small planet. The track record of “assurances” provided to the public by the nuclear industry and Government officials warn us to think for ourselves. What is our “ethical obligation”? Clearly it is to eliminate the cause of the fear. We need to stop the nuclear industry in Saskatchewan.

It is uncertain whether Japan will ever recover economically from the earthquake and tsunami disaster compounded by the nuclear explosions. “I wonder whether the citizens of Japan will thank Saskatchewan for our contributions of fuel for nuclear reactors,” states Shasko.

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is working to lead the way to a different vision for our province and the world, where renewable energy is providing safe and clean power and good jobs. And where nuclear and all of its risks are phased out permanently.

[1] Saskatchewan moves ahead with nuclear agenda despite crisis in Japan
Jennifer Graham, The Canadian Press
Mon, 14 Mar 2011 18:19:00 CST

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