Friday, October 23, 2009

Moose Jaw Times Herald Q's & A's asked of all candidates (will be published in tomorrow's paper). My answers:

1. What should the city to deal with the issue of affordable housing forlow-income citizens?

The City must partner with community organizations and other levels of Government to plan and build more affordable housing. Also, incentives should be offered to private developers such as a tax-free grace period for property that new affordable housing is built on and offering vacant city owned lots and buildings to affordable housing developers at little or no cost.

2. What do you propose should be done to mend the rift in the city createdby the multiplex debate?

We need to restore democracy in the Friendly City. We need a City Council that will set an example for the rest of Moose Jaw by being respectful and working together. This requires consensus-based decision-making. We can also bring together our divided city by embarking on a community-building plan for urban sustainability that everyone can embrace and take part in.

3. What should the city do to improve life for its young people?

We need youth leadership elected to Council to inspire more youth to make their voices heard. The City must strengthen the role of the Youth Advisory Committee, develop a plan for urban sustainability, and improve public transportation to other major cities. Council must foster the creation of Green Jobs and new training opportunities by attracting green energy industry to Moose Jaw.

4. How would you balance the need for providing and improving city serviceswith the maintaining the lowest tax rate possible, to help attract newbusinesses?

The City must undertake a comprehensive overview of our current fiscal operating expenditures to see where money is being spent inefficiently. More efficient spending will allow improved city services and infrastructure upgrades without increased taxation. Once this has been done, City Council must market Moose Jaw as a great place to raise a family and own a business.

5. What should be done to assist the city’s poorest people?

The City must create more affordable housing and ensure easy access to affordable food that is locally grown. We must rebuild a healthy community for all by making Moose Jaw a place for people instead of just cars through a plan for urban sustainability, and the city must advocate other levels of government to implement a Guaranteed Livable Income (

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