Monday, October 19, 2009

New facebook group! Youth Matter to Moose Jaw

I've just started a new facebook group called "Youth Matter to Moose Jaw" in response to a question asked by a sixteen year old at the all candidates forum last Thursday, Oct.15. The question she asked was "what are you going to do for the youth of Moose Jaw?" She said, "I know we're not old enough to vote", but we still matter. And we do! The youth of this city matter today and tomorrow. Afterall, we are the future of this city. How can we make Moose Jaw a better place to live for young people if there is no outlet to make our voices heard in this election and on City Council? Everyone talks about "why do so many youth leave Moose Jaw?", but we seldom actually ask our youth why they want to leave and what will make them stay here. We need to listen to and take leadership from the youth of this city. I will be maintaining this facebook group now and into the future as a place for Moose Jaw youth to make our voices heard on City Council.

If you live in Moose Jaw and are under the age of 30, please join this FB group at:

The purpose of this FB group is to foster input and discussion from the youth of Moose Jaw during the 2009 Civic Election and beyond. Just because someone is not old enough to vote doesn't mean their opinion shouldn't be heard! Moose Jaw youth, this FB group is the place to make your voice heard this election. City Council especially needs to hear the voices of those under 18, so please join today and invite your friends!

There are currently three topics posted for discussion to group members:

What would make Moose Jaw a better place for youth to live?

Do you plan to stay in Moose Jaw when you graduate?

Should we lower the voting age in Moose Jaw Civic Elections?

I just created this group last night, so please pass word on about this new FB group to as many youth in Moose Jaw as you can! E-day is October 28th!

Peace and Solidarity,

Larissa Shasko

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