Sunday, October 21, 2007

Green is the Colour

Above is a photo taken by my mother on a recent trip to Vietnam. She said the pollution was so horrible that you could not see anything more than a block and a half away. This is why we need the Greens. Is this how Canada could end up?

The Green Party of Saskatchewan has had a busy start to their campaign. We have nearly a full slate of candidates, and a there is a last minute flurry to achieve the goal of a full slate. I am running for Moose Jaw-Wakamow, where I live, but I am working as part of the team of Regina area candidates. Already, we have had four meetings, a press conference, and a fundraiser. I have been a slave to my computer otherwise: answering e-mails, doing interest group surveys, coordinating with the local media, etc. I will start my door knocking on Tuesday, and I am organizing a schedule for meet the candidate opportunities tomorrow. Green Party candidates do so much more work than the others. That is because we lack resources but have excess passion for our aims. We are not doing this for power, we are doing this for our future, for everybody's future!

For some odd reason a lot of people were wearing green shirts today. ( I'm just kidding; go Riders!) This link to a Leader-Post story on the Green Party of Saskatchewan press conference on Friday morning relates the growing interest in and support for the Green Party to the growing support and interest in the Riders. More people are realizing that it is now or never. In relation to Stephen Harper's Throne Speech date of 2050 for a 50% reduction in emissions, I have only one thing to say, "WAKE UP MR. HARPER!"

This is the Riders time to shine. It is also time to start supporting environmentally friendly methods of transportation and renewable energy sources. I am amazed that the other parties are fighting about what the other has done recently while ignoring what the Greens are saying about the risks of nuclear energy and why we should stop uranium mining in Saskatchewan. My next blog will be related to the subject of nuclear energy. I am frustrated how little is being said about the nuclear issue in the media. The Green Party is talking about it a lot, and it is not being passed on to all of you. Noam Chomsky, I feel for you. This is bulls**t. We have to stop the powers enshrined to the gatekeepers of society through mass media consolidation, and now!

I want to know what you think about building a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan, a nuclear refinery, and uranium mining. I want to know how much you know about nuclear energy and its problems. I need to educate people on this subject, but I need to find out what common knowledge exists. Thanks to all who answer this question!

Political Song of Last Week:

The Monkey Who Became President by Tom T. Hall.

This song was written in the 1970's. In the last line, the lyrics say, "Would you rather have a monkey up in Washington, D.C. Or have those people making monkeys out of you and me?"

Take a look at the song's lyrics to see the full message!

Political Song of This Week:

Right Wing Pigeon by The Dead Milkmen.

This song's lyrics answer my question of how anyone can be right wing. The chorus goes:

"They're just right wing pigeons from outer space
Sent here to destroy the human race
They don't give a damn about you or me
They just buy guns and watch TV
Let's go!"

Check out the rest of the lyrics of this humorous political punk song!



Trees for our children... said...

"I want to know what you think about building a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan, a nuclear refinery, and uranium mining"...

Well Larissa, there is a group here in Regina I am involved with known as the Non-Nuclear Network...
[that's our facebook group]
... the N-cubed is having an eco-living potluck, book launch, information, and concert on Saturday OCTOBER 28th 5:30pm at the exchange... the book launch is Dr. Jim Harding's "Canada's Deadly Secret" and is about Saskatchewan and Canada's role in the global nuclear system... Jim Harding was one of the founding Greens in the '80s and is also a federal candidate in the upcoming election...
And just in case your interested... I heard that they were planning on building a uranium refinery up in Northern Sask, but the pro-nuclear municipal mayor was (recently) defeated in a landside vote...
peace, love, solidarity.

Trees for our children... said...

oh... and check out this excellent article/blog from oct.17!
[I'm working on a nuclear blog too :D]

Trees for our children... said...

Larissa Shasko said...


Thanks so much for the link and advice. That is a great blog post!I will definitely be attending the non-nuclear event this Sunday.