Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nuclear Is Never Good

I just attended the non-nuclear potluck and Jim Harding's book launch for his book, "Canada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System." I have been insanely busy. This upcoming week is even worse. Just as I'm getting tired, Jim Harding gave me the extra drive I need to be even more passionate, more focused, and more driven in my Green Party campaign for Moose Jaw-Wakamow. I wish I could be writing about something that will put a smile on your face, but this is all too serious and all too real.

It is uranium, and we are the world's supplier. That's right! Friendly Saskatchewan, land of living skies, founder of Medicare, or supplier of ammunition being used to kill civilians in the Middle East and founder of undisposable radioactive waste that remains toxic for 800 genearations. 800 generations! Is Saskatchewan responsible for the future end of the world? This radioactive waste causes cancer, undoubtedly. We have no way to dispose of it. Saskatchewan people have a moral obligation to leave uranium in the ground. The only good that will come out of extracting it is money. Money is not worth it.

Please, get this book. Jim Harding said that the average person knows 2% about uranium and its nuclear use. He said that even he only knew 50% of what there was to know about it before writing this book, and he is an expert on the issue! There is no more important area that we as the generation of the future needs to educate ourselves on. I did get a copy. I can't wait to read it. However, I am afraid of what I will find out. I sense corruption beyond what I can imagine.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility website. If you would like to get involved with the formation of a solid non-nuclear group in Regina, the first meeting will be this Sunday from 2-4 p.m. at the Cathedral Community Centre. I will be there.

I have more to add, but I am falling asleep. I will add to this post tomorrow.



Monday, Oct. 29th, 2007

A few days ago, I did a google search on building a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan. I am sure Jim Harding's book will provide much more in depth info, but I did find a relevant and interesting leader-post article from October 26th, 2005. According to this article, former NDP deputy Premier, Dwain Lingenfelter, now currently a vice-president at Nexen Industries in Calgary (an Oil and Gas company) embarked on a campaign exactly two years ago to convince Saskatchewan residents that a nuclear reactor was an excellent economic venture for our province. He wants Saskatchewan to build a nuclear reactor across the border from the tar sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta. He says nuclear energy can be transmitted through super transmission lines to Alberta from Saskatchewan. His reason for the campaign? Alberta's oil and gas industry uses 30% of the oil reaped to create energy for the pumping of the heavy tar. They want Saskatchewan residents to foot the bill by building a multi billion dollar nuclear reactor. Nuclear Reactors are extremely dangerous to those living around them.

The Green Party also opposes uranium mining, which makes sense because if we continue to supply countries that have nuclear weapons and Depleted Uranium weapons with uranium mined in Saskatchewan, we are contributing to our own potential demise if that uranium gets into the wrong hands in another country. I can't believe we allow this to happen.

Anyway, back to Lingenfelter. According to the Leader-Post article from the day his campaign to build a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan embarked, he has the support of Brad Wall (Sask Party Leader) and David Karwacki (Liberal Party Leader). His former NDP colleagues are uncomfortable with nuclear energy past building a refinery in Saskatchewan, but that too is wrong.

The Green Party Policy 2007 states the following on uranium:

GPS is opposed to nuclear power for the following reasons:

-Nuclear power is fiscally unsound. The last nuclear power plant in Canada came in seven times over budget, costing $14 billion dollars. This does not include the high cost involved in decommissioning old power plants.

-Nuclear Waste cannot be stored, treated, or disposed of safely.

-A large amount of radioactive tailings accumulate as a result of uranium mining. These tailings can leak into groundwater and affect the surrounding area, leading to increased cancer rates.

-Depleted uranium ends up in weapons such as missiles, and anti-tank bullets.

-Nuclear power is NOT emissions free. Large quantities of green house gases are produced in the mining and refining of uranium as well as during the long construction period of the power plant.

*We will phase out uranium mining in Saskatchewan, compensating those affected during transition.


The above is why I had to run in this election for the Greens. I am doing all I can on my campaign. I did the first hour in a new online election concept, Electronic Grill for the Moose Jaw Times Herald website. I was actually the very first candidate to have participated in this new concept. People could post a question to a candidate and the candidate responds through a moderator (Jim Small, City Editor). Only two people asked questions, but the moderator provided me with plenty of great questions instead. It was intense, but fun.

This evening I did a debate held by the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour. In today's paper, the SaskParty said they'd be there. Tonight, they were a no-show. They left a letter in between two doors at the SFL office (which is not staffed or open full-time). And this was one or two days ago (I will confirm that detail). As a result, they got their ass kicked. It was offensive, undemocratic, and unwise. The PC candidate was there. It was a civil and good debate. It was wrong of the SaskParty to do a purposeful no-show. Are they getting overconfident from public opinion polls? Mayble the Sask Party should take Political Science 230-Canadian Politics!

Political Song of the Week:

Instant Karma by John Lennon

For lyrics, click here.


Larissa Shasko

Green Party Candidate Moose Jaw-Wakamow

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