Monday, October 1, 2007

Immigration Marriage Fraud

Canada's Department of Immigration is not doing its job. Immigration marriage fraud is not just a movie plot, is happens in reality to many Canadians.

When a Canadian citizen marries a foreign resident, they must sponsor their new spouse (and children) for three to ten years and pay their plane ticket(s) over here. Unfortunately, some are abandoned by their new spouse and family once a permanent resident card is received, which unlike the U.S. with a mandatory three year waiting period including visits to ensure legitimacy, is issued almost immediately upon arrival with no visits or investigations. The Canadian sponsors are oblivious to the scam being pulled over on them because they truly believe they are in love. To make matters worse, once the immigrant has their permanent residency card and leaves their sponsor, this sponsor is still responsible for supporting them for three to ten years. If the immigrant and their children access the welfare system, the heart-broken sponsor has to pay Canada back for all welfare received. Immigration fraud is illegal in this country, but unfortunately it is not enforced. Why is that? I encourage you to learn more about immigration marriage fraud in Canada here.

Is inadequate staffing within the immigration department to blame? Changes must be made to ensure that immigration laws are enforced, especially when Canadian citizens are so obviously victimized. In many ways, our system allows immigration marriage fraud to happen. I find it hard to believe that Canada's immigration department is on the right track.

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Stop Marriage Fraud in Canada said...

Marriages of convenience are not allowed under Canada's immigration law! Or are they?

I have sponsored my wife to immigrate to Canada and soon after she landed, she abandoned me.

Before sponsoring my wife, I visited the CIC website:

"Marriages of conv[en]ience are not allowed under Canada's immigration law. It is illegal to be married simply to immigrate to Canada. Spousal sponsorship is a serious legal commitment." "If a person enters into a marriage of convenience and comes to Canada as an immigrant, enforcement action can be taken. This enforcement action could result in deportation, and is the responsibility of the Canada Border Services Agency."

After sponsoring my wife, and after my wife abandoned me, I contacted Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and I have been told by the representative on the phone that "We are sorry that she has used you to come to Canada; there is nothing that can be done as she has already landed in Canada; she is recognized as a legal immigrant and you have to support her for three years although you might have been abused." What does this mean? Has the government of Canada deceived me? Why is the marriage of convenience "illegal" before the sponsored persons land in Canada and "legal" after they land in Canada? When the sponsorship principle is based on the truthfulness of the relationship between the wife and the husband, why the sponsorship is not void although the relationship has not been genuine?

I am writing to express my deepest concern that there is no marriage commitment in Canada, marriage fraud is legal in Canada, and the Canadian system is victimizing the citizen sponsors by supporting marriages of Convenience with sole purpose of immigrating to Canada. My family and I are victims of the Canadian System that is not enforcing Canadian Immigration Law. I have been told by the RCMP that: my wife is an adult; she is free to decide; there is no such thing as a marriage commitment; there is no support for the sponsor; there are various supports for the sponsored; the sponsor should carry the burden of marriage fraud. Canadian system deceives the sponsor by providing an opportunity to the fraudulent sponsored people to enter Canada and then victimizing the Canadian citizens by supporting those criminals with tax payers' income.

Other countries, namely the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany and many others grant periods of conditional establishment to spouses of their nationals. The sponsorship agreement should be void and the sponsored person's visa should be void if there are sufficient evidences proving that the relationship has not been genuine and the sponsored person has married the sponsor only to immigrate to the sponsor's country.